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  • 23-05-24
    Robots are taking on more and more tasks in the working life of industry and, more recently, in the leisure sector. The latest trend is the so-called collaborative robots, which can be used in close proximity to humans thinks to their additional safety features.
  • 23-05-24
    In the case of conventional articulated arm robots, the trend is towards increased use of our torque- and life-time-optimised gearbox series.
  • 23-05-24
    Not only top athletes, but all patients want to be able to return to work quickly after an operation. That is why technologies are increasingly being used that allow targeted therapy and rehabilitation of the affected body parts. The focus here is on the selection of adequate components, through which reliable and precise drive technology can be used in various areas of medical technology.
  • 23-05-24
    Operate, assist, position – surgical robots demand the highest precision and reliability in the smallest installation space. Hanzhen gearboxes for precise motion sequences and optimum healing chances.
  • 23-05-24
    Turning, milling, drilling - typical tasks of a machine tool, which are associated with highest precision, high tilting rigidity and high torques. It is not for nothing that our products have been successfully used in numerous machine tools for years.
  • 23-05-24
    Hanzhen solar tracker drives are the global leader in solar tracking technology. Our custom solutions for the Solar industry help harness the sun’s power in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our gear drives deliver the highest dynamic and static torque load capacity in a small package. In applications where pointing accuracy is critical, our gear technology provides precision and accuracy, w
  • 23-05-24
    Space exploration, from wheel drive to camera guidance



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