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Comprehensive Function Upgrade

High precision

A good percentage of harmonic gear reducer's teeth are meshed at all times and are engaged at two zones 180 degrees apart. This means influences of tooth pitch errors and accumulated pitch errors on rotational accuracy are neutralized, which assures high positional and rotational accuracy.

Long service time

As a professional harmonic drive gearbox company and strain wave gear manufacturer in China, Hanzhen  harmonic drive reducers with superior harmonic drive efficiency and long service time.

Light weight and compact size

While being less the size of conventional gearing mechanisms and less the weight, the strain wave reducer provides the same levels of torque and speed reduction ratios as its conventional counterparts enabling machinery and equipment to be made smaller and lighter.

High speed reduction ratio

A harmonic gear reducer has high single-stage reduction ratios also known as harmonic drive gear ratio or harmonic drive ratio of 1/30-1/500. Three basic components along same axle without complex structures can provide high reduction ratios.

High torque capacity

Each tooth subjected to a negligible amount of force yet provides a high torque capacity because of the way the teeth come into contact with each other and because a good percentage of the teeth in the flex spline is engaged at all times.

Minimum vibration and quiet

Hanzhen harmonic drive reducers also operate with quiet and minimal vibration.


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Excellent Chinese Manufacture, over 30 years experience

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We have been transforming the ideas and visions projects.

HanZhen Tech Co Ltd is founded in 1993. The company locates in Beijing northwest suburb, and gathers design, producing and selling together. Through 30 years’ accumulation, our company possesses plenty harmonic drive and special driving products’ design and producing experience. The products have been broadly used in all kinds of industry robot, digital machine/machining center, electric tool, radar satellite ground station and medical sanitation device etc driving machine, especially used in the environment with high requirement of precision and bulk dimension.

Over 30 years, providing stable operation and high performance for users is our company’s unremitting aim. We sincerely hope our company’s products can finally become you loyal and reliable fellow.


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